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Take control of your vocal journey

Offering vocal instruction, vocal coaching, and music mentorship

What kind of singer are you?
Do you love what you do?
Do you want to enhance your skills?

Hi, I'm Dr. Lenora Green-Turner! 


I know what you are going through. I know what it feels like to have talent and no direction.  You have so many questions. I can answer them. Music has been a part of my life from singing in church as a young girl to achieving my Doctorate of Musical Arts. I have been teaching voice lessons, a combination of music theory & sight-singing for singers, and interpretation for over a decade.  With my knowledge of performing on and off stage, I realize that I want to help people through the rocky places of this industry. As you delve into the vocal arts, let me mentor you.




Vocal Instructor

Beginner, just learning

Technical Issues

Vocal Issues

Music Theory

Vocal Coach

Role Study



Stage presence

Blocking ideas

Music Mentor



Questions about the

music industry

Setting Goals

Confidence Building

So, how do you choose a voice teacher?

Consider what you need.

  • Do you need a vocal technician to help you with vocal issues?

  • Do you need someone to help you understand your vocal anatomy?

Do you need a vocal coach?

  • Do you need someone with great ears and help you make subtle changes?

  • Are you preparing a new role and need help with characterization?

Do you need a mentor?

  • Do you need help defining your goals?

  • Do you need help making musical "life" decisions?

  • Do you like their personality?

  • Do they "CLICK" with you?

Do you understand their way of teaching?

  • Can they teach the same concept in different ways?

  • Does the teacher understand your style & preferences?

  • Do you need to be challenged with other styles to better your singing technique?

Do they have your best interest at heart?

Let's start your vocal journey, NOW!



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